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Our Prices

For any application essay writing service to offer any value to the service provider or student, it must get access into the hands of the intended beneficiary. Since admission essay writing service providers do not offer free writing services, pricing remains a critical medium of transferring that service from the supplier to the consumer.

At Newton Essay, we understand the repercussions of overpriced services — they benefit neither the seller nor user. That is why we have a policy in place that ensures our college admission essay writing services are priced fairly to create the elusive balance between affordability and quality. We ensure that any student from any market across the world can access excellent quality admission essay service without straining their budgets.

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But how do you price your papers? What criteria do you use to price your services? Here are some of the criteria we use in our pricing regimes:

Complexity of the workWe set prices based on how complex or easy a writing assignment is. For example, an average undergraduate term paper will cost you lesser than a PhD degree research paper due to the complexity of the latter.

Length of the projectA longer project will obviously take a longer time to complete, and hence, it will cost you more than a shorter one.

Urgency of your orderAnother criterion that determines the price of your assignments is the urgency of the order you have. Papers with a tight deadline will cost you more than those with a more flexible deadline, since they require more effort from the side of support and writers.

Type of paperThe type of paper you need us to write for you will also affect its pricing range because it has a direct connection with its level of complexity.